Wisdom Connected provides professional counselling and social work services as well as a range of quality group programs for the over 55’s living on the NSW Central Coast. Our quality social work services can be provided at a centre near you or from our mobile home visiting service.

Who are we?

We are a team of highly experienced clinical social workers who are specialised in working with older adults. We are passionate about improving the quality of life of people who are experiencing challenging times. We aim to not only support you through those times but strengthen your emotional/psychological capacity to manage your life whatever the challenge.

Clinical social workers are university trained professionals that are accredited under highly structured ethical and practice standards. Mental health accreditation is only gained after extensive mental health experience in the field and with post-graduate certification and ongoing professional development. Our specialist social workers also have additional training and experience in addressing specific issues encountered with ageing. As members of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), we are bound to a strong code of professional ethics and values that guide our practice.

Why we developed a specialist service for the over 55’s

Ageing well and maintaining a strong sense of well-being can pose particular challenges as we grow older.  These challenges can include adjusting to retirement; managing changing health needs; relationship difficulties; carer responsibilities; family worries, struggling with chronic illness or the loss of a loved one; any one of these things can take a toll on our emotional well-being. This can result in social isolation and decreased motivation to stay focused on the self- care that is so important to help us to age well. The consequences can often result in premature physical decline and the onset of mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

It can be difficult to know what kind of help you need and how you can access assistance. You may be questioning whether you should move or remain in your own home. Understanding and navigating the aged care system can be confusing and overwhelming.

How We Can Help

Our social workers are trained to help you deal with these and many other issues. We believe that a service that can support and treat you holistically (emotionally, physically and socially) is the key to helping you to achieve improved wellbeing as you age. We understand the complexity of the aged care system and can assist you through this process if you require services at home.

We are closely linked to a range of other allied health clinicians to make it easier for you to get holistic allied health services at home if required. 

Our Team Approach

Wisdom Connected  believes in the power of a strong team supporting you to not only get through challenging times but to achieve the goals that are important for you to truly enjoy your life. To enable this to happen our service provides an holistic approach offering group programs and strong linkages to a multi-disciplinary team that works closely with us to ensure that your health needs are met.

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