Our group programs offer another way for you or your loved one to get the support they need to better manage their particular life challenge.

Our group programs are motivating, fun and informative. They are also a great way to connect with others.


Wise Up for Wellbeing

A group program to improve self-management of wellbeing

This program aims to strengthen participant’s ability, motivation and resilience in managing their particular health challenges by enhancing their overall sense of well- being and ensuing improved quality of life.

This innovative group program is based on the philosophy that successful and wise ageing means having ‘the ability to take care of oneself and to find one’s own way as one grows old”  ref. Steverink, Siegwart and Slaets, 2005

Research indicates that older people need to maintain and build a repertoire or tool kit of abilities for self-managing aged related challenges.

Wise Up for Wellbeing will give you the tool kit to manage this stage of your life and will also help you identify what it is that you will need to strengthen, to ensure that your wellbeing remains strong. Within a supportive group framework you will also learn more about how you and others have managed common challenges and together develop the group wisdom that will motivate all involved.

The Group Wisdom program is a group program that connects residents living in aged care with each other and enhances their adjustment as they move from home to assisted living.These programs have now been delivered to over 18 aged care facilities on the Central Coast.