Social workers help you get it right for YOU

Social workers understand the aged care system and can help navigate you through the many choices that are available.

As independent professionals we are not linked to large companies. We like to keep it this way to enable you to feel truly supported with getting a service that is right for you. Our core business is about advocating for you and ensuring that your needs are respected and heard.

As local providers, we have close linkages and understanding of the many local community aged care providers and what they have to offer you.

Social workers understand that good emotional wellbeing is closely linked to your physical health. We work closely with your GP and care linked to a team of allied health professionals who are also specialised in working with older adults and provide an in-house service. This team includes occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, dieticians, speech therapists and podiatrists. With your permission, we are able to liaise closely with your GP and other health professionals to ensure that there is a congruent approach to your care with acknowledgement of what YOU need.

Most importantly, we can work closely with your family to sure that they also understand the aged care system and feel supported and confident in the choices that are being made to care for you.